Photo of the day

This view of Peyto Lake in Banff, Alberta demonstrates how taking a high vantage point gives you a more unique view of a large landscape. By shooting in vertical format, Zachary Martgan also created a photo that has distinct foreground, midground, and background elements, with the trees, lake, and mountains …

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Photo Of The Day: FEEL THE RUSH

Image of Niagara Falls by Eastlyn Bright Tolle . From her vantage point, “right on the other side of a wall that separated [her] from this perilous drop,” she was able to create a unique and thrilling perspective: one that doesn’t allow the viewer to consider the safety of the …

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Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Sunwapta Falls” by Roger Hostin. Location: Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada “The Sunwapta River splits in two, flowing around a small island, before joining again and spilling over Sunwapta Falls,” explains Hostin.

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