Be Godly: Quit Hypocrisy

A godly person is someone who is deeply religious and shows obedience to the rules of their religion, a learned and godly preacher. Mother’s talk about virginity yet, they didn’t get married to their husbands as a virgin. Pastors speak against corruption but, unfortunately they embezzle the members tithe. Motivational …

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The Black Esteem

The first thing I want you to know about the writer of this article is that I am very black. So this is not a slander or a racists post against my own people. Nevertheless, as a daughter of the soil, it is something I must talk about. For a …

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Arsenal defeat Liverpool To Grab Second Trophy

The Gunners have secured their second trophy of the month, as they beat Liverpool on penalty to lift the Community Shield on Saturday. The Gunners, who won their record-broadening FA Cup prior in Augus. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang gave Arsenal the lead in the first half. The Gabon international received a swift …

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Avoid Contamination, Always Wash Your Hands, Avoid Crowded Spaces, Maintain Safe Distances and If Possible Stay at Home!