Photo of the day

This view of Peyto Lake in Banff, Alberta demonstrates how taking a high vantage point gives you a more unique view of a large landscape. By shooting in vertical format, Zachary Martgan also created a photo that has distinct foreground, midground, and background elements, with the trees, lake, and mountains …

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‘I could have joined a gang and sold drugs’ – Adama Traore talks about tough Barcelona childhood

The child of Malian guardians experienced childhood in an unpleasant neighborhood and the Premier League winger’s life could have turned out in an unexpected way. Wolves star Adama Traore has opened up on the troubles he looked as the offspring of immigrant parents experiencing childhood in Barcelona, uncovering that he …

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Photo Of The Day: FEEL THE RUSH

Image of Niagara Falls by Eastlyn Bright Tolle . From her vantage point, “right on the other side of a wall that separated [her] from this perilous drop,” she was able to create a unique and thrilling perspective: one that doesn’t allow the viewer to consider the safety of the …

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The Vanishing Screen

The HTD -01 vanishing screen concept uses advanced techniques of transparency and holography, based on old rear-projection TV.   The HTD -01 designed by Number One / M2Slabs, is the concept of a monitor with a transparent display.   A LED-projector, which is integrated in the stand, beams at the 4 mm acrylic display. …

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Today’s Photo Of The Day is “Sunwapta Falls” by Roger Hostin. Location: Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada “The Sunwapta River splits in two, flowing around a small island, before joining again and spilling over Sunwapta Falls,” explains Hostin.

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