Meek Mill, Milan Harris Go Separate Ways Two Months After First Child

Famous American Rapper, Meek Mill has reported that he and his partner, Milan Harris, have headed out in their own direction two months after they had their first kid together.

The rapper, 33, who affirmed their separation via web-based networking media, additionally said that he and Harris are still on acceptable standing and will keep on co-parenting their child.

He said that both him and Milano chose to remain companions and raise their kid as discrete guardians.

Moreover, despite everything, they still have frantic love for one another yet they both had an understanding to go their separate ways.

“No fallout either simply pushing ahead! Still love” he said.

He made this known to the public for insurance so internet based life won’t think they moving differently

Favtalks recalls that Kenya West, during his rage on social media, had said that he had been attempting to separate from his wife Kim Kardashian after she met with Meek Mill at the Waldorf-Astoria lodging in L.A.

The rapper likewise included that the meek was “off the mark” for meeting up with Meek, apparently charging that Kardashian undermined him.

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