Covid-19: Global Deaths reach a milestone of over half a million

Over 10 million cases of covid-19 has been reported globally, according to latest reports from John Hopkins University with the virus been reportedly dangerous for the elderly and people with underlying health conditions.

However, the overall death curve has flattened of recent, but there are numbers of new cases reported in countries like Brazil, US and India, as well as parts of Asia which are worrisome for health experts.

Reports has it that the virus is well circulating in Europe with Leicester in UK likely being a domain for the respiratory infection and could possibly go into lockdown.

Recall that UK prime minister, Boris Johnson had earlier announced that the Lockdown would be eased as from July 4. But with the latest recorded number of cases surging in Leciester, the PM might have to review his decision on fully reopening the economy.

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Moreover, Poland and France are on the edge of normalcy as there are a few new cases reported in that region.

Report has it that over one quarter of all Covid-19 fatalities emanates from the United states and there has been a surge in the number of new cases in the regions that opened earlier and forcefully.

US currently leads the line in the number of deaths globally with 128,000 deaths and over 2.5 million cases which is almost twice that of brazil that seconds the order with 57,000 deaths.

The first death was officially recorded on January 9 and was a 61 year old man from wuhan, china, was identified as the source of the outbreak.

Fast forward to this date, the number of persons who has died of this deadly virus has reportedly overtaken the number of deaths from malaria every year.

The global death rate now averages around 78,000 a month which surpasses that of AIDs – 64,000) and Malaria -36,000.

The number of confirmed cases has risen to a new high in Africa with over 371,000 and over 9,484 deaths.

Meanwhile, China which happens to be the origin of the infectious disease continue to record a decline in the number of new cases with a total number of 12.

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