Nigeria To Begin Clinical Trials On Dexamethasone –

On Thursday, June 18 2020, the minister of health, Dr. Osagie Ehanire said that clinical trials will start on the newly found drug; Dexamethasone, reported to be a possible saving grace for the treatment of Covid-19.

Remember that the UK government had earlier reported that Dexamethasone, a modest and broadly accessible medication was successful for patients severely down with COVID-19.

English Prime Minister, Boris Johnson had said UK analysts said the medication has decreased the death risks attached to Covid-19 patients.

Dexamethasone diminished death risk for patients on ventilators by 33% and oxygen by one fifth.

Dr. Ehanire while making his statement said that medical experts will be directed to consider the drug for their trials and see how it works.

He also said; “I did mention that there is a medicine that we are going to ask our clinicians to try. It is not a medicine that you should be using but a medicine that the doctor is to use.

“Luckily this medicine is not new and it is well-known to be used for other purposes as a steroid. It was found to be useful in this case. It is easy to try it out because we know the side effects.

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