ILO Predicts The Aftermath Of Covid-19 Crisis On Child Labor

A great number of kids (up to millions) have the tendency of being driven into child labor because of COVID-19 emergency. The International Labor Organization and the United Nations Children’s Fund have said.

As indicated by a report named ‘COVID-19 and child labor: A period of emergency, an opportunity to act’, child labor diminished by 94 million from 2000, however that addition is presently in danger.

The associations said worldwide gauges in 2017 indicated that 152 million kids were in child labor around the world.

The report said youngsters as of now in child labor may be working longer hours or under exacerbating conditions.

It included that a greater amount of them may be constrained into the most exceedingly awful types of work, making critical damage their wellbeing and security.

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The DG of the organization, Guy Ryder in his report said that the effect of the pandemic on people’s income could force the emergence of child labor if nothing is done to to support the families affected.

From his report, the aftermath of the emergence of covid-19 could lead to a spike in poverty rate hence, forcing the hands of parents to push their children or wards to the streets.

He backed his claim up using a statistical analysis that showed that a one percentage point rise in poverty leads to at least a 0.7 per cent increase in child labour in certain countries.

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