Fiction: I gave my all but i got in return was a punctured heart

Sade Olubisi, the only daughter of Mr and Mrs Tade Olubisi is a beautiful, elegant and hardworking lawyer who vibrantly fights for the rights of the powerless in the society. Her main focus is to get justice and equity for the intimated especially the girl child.

With all the attribute earlier mentioned, she hated men with passion. She is someone you could refer to as a first class feminist.

It all started when she was eight years old. It was the summer holidays; a period most kids want to go on vacation. Sade went to visit her uncle Mr Fola Olubisi who at the time resides at Ikotun, Lagos state to spend the long term holiday.

At 8yrs of age, Sade was beautiful and everyone could see the early signs of maturity in her. She never knew that would be a reason for her to detest men as she was in the abode of an evil monster who saw her as a toy and raped her repeatedly and threatened to kill her if she mentioned it to anyone.

At first she summoned courage to report to her uncle’s wife but at the end the wife connived with the husband to kill her voice successfully.

You can imagine the pain, trauma and stigmatization she felt while growing up which resulted to her hatred for men. But there is always light at the tunnel for every one going through dark times.

Sade saw this glimpse of hope in Kola who she met and fell in love with while in law school. She thought Kola would be her ride to the world of happiness and fulfillment. At the moment her pain and trauma were all gone.

Kola is an handsome young man. A man born of a silver spoon hence the capability of him helping her with her finances even though Sade would seldom refuse. Kola won the heart of Sade after much persistence and their love journey began.

Sade made her intention known to Kola that she wouldn’t give in to sexual requests until they walk down the isle which Kola agreed to.

Then the big moment came after 4 years of relationship; Kola proposed and she gave in without a second thought because Kola was her world. All necessary rites were attended to and marriage life started.

Her wedding night was a fulfilling moment for her as she let Kola water her soul with her first love making. A feeling she never thought she could have now happening like it’s a dream. A frenzy atmosphere with the lights off and soft music playing underground made the process memorable for her.

Fast forward to six months after marriage, Kola lost his Job and it unleashed a demon Sade never envisaged in her entire life. Kola would flare at any slight mistake and she would get beaten to a pulp. Kola would forcibly sleep with her against her own will all in the name of paying her bride price. She couldn’t voice out cause she feared she might be pitied and stigmatized among her colleagues and friends.

But to every beginning is an end. After two years of domestic violence which dampened her soul, made her cry secretly and helplessly while her 1 year old daughter innocently watches, she left the house with a note telling her husband of her departure from the marriage to her friend’s apartment.

But Kola wouldn’t give in. He traced Sade to her friend’s house to ask for his daughter but she wouldn’t let her daughter into the hands of an evil man. Kola gave her the beating of her life and in the cause of the tussle between both parties, Kola accidentally killed their baby.

At this point all hope was lost for Sade. The death of her only hope caused much grief and bitterness. She gave her all for love but in return she got a punctured heart and a broken soul which nourished her hatred for men.

Sade stopped believing in love. She gave up every feeling she might have once possessed while with Kola.

`She became a human right activist and she channeled her energy into fighting for the girl child.

Is that the way out for Sade? Drop your comment.

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