When Am I fit to marry?

When do i settle down? This is a question that burdens the heart of every African youth at a point during adult hood. There are diverse opinions as to when a young man and woman should marry.

The society in which we find ourselves has innately structured the mind of young adults to channel their energy into marriage when they particularly approach a certain age bracket or when they attain a certain level of education or when they reach a certain level in their various careers, even when they don’t have the emotional, psychological and financial tools to dive into it.

Well if you find yourself in that shoe, I want you to have it in mind that settling down isn’t a yardstick for success. So many young men and ladies rave about marriage like it is the ultimate achievement and that is why so many of these marriages die untimely.

Don’t get me wrong. Marriage is a commandment from God. But there are some certain questions you should ask yourself before pressuring yourself into it and they are listed below:

  1. Do I have the psychological and emotional capability of handling my spouse?
  2. Do I have the Financial strength?
  3. Do I have a secure source of income?
  4. Do I really want this man or woman?
  5. How many kids do I want?
  6. What do I know about the family background of my partner

Though there are many more, but checking these six items listed above are very key. By the time you ruminate on these things, you will realize that age, your level of education or the figures of your monthly salary doesn’t matter.

For women, I understand there might be raised eyebrows to the aforementioned due to the biology that surrounds aging and procreation. The good news is that science and technology has given solutions to that. Use of IVF and surrogacy has been effectively utilized all around the world. Also adoption has also given people with procreation problems a glimpse of hope.

The question now is why worry?

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