Son of Atiku Abubakar recovers from COVID-19

Mohammed Atiku, child of Ex Vice President Atiku Abubakar, has recuperated from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) ailment to which he tested positive a month ago.

Mohammed, who went through 40 days in the medical clinic, was at last cleared and released on Monday.

In an announcement he made and marked after he left the medical clinic, Mohammed expressed gratitude toward Nigerians for the help and supplications, encouraging them to continue appealing to God for those as yet being treated for the pandemic that had buried 40 Nigerians under the earth.

He said that his release couldn’t have come at a superior time than in the period of Ramadan, a season set apart by penance and request to the Almighty Allah.

He thanked God for his recuperation from the feared contamination and furthermore communicated his genuine and profound gratefulness to Nigerians for their supplications and altruism while he was Ill.

Talking on his gratitude To God over his life, he said; “Over the span of life, we have no clue about what will befall us on the grounds that lone the Almighty God knows our future.

He narrated that COVID-19 originally split out in faraway China; he had no clue about that he may be one of those to be infected.

He said that since he tested positive after his arrival from abroad and isolation for treatment, he was immersed with fantastic articulations of altruism by Nigerians.

This pandemic has joined the rich and poor people and, in fact, the remainder of the world against this novel deadly infection that has caused monetary and social disturbances all-inclusive were the words of the politician

“Regardless of our issues, be that as it may, we shouldn’t lose trust in our own nation. In spite of the confinements of our wellbeing framework, the Federal Ministry of Health and Nigeria Center for Disease Control have done enormously well.

Mohammed reviewed that in October 2016, Dr Osagie Ehanire, at that point Minister of State for Health and at present the Minister of Health, was cited as saying that Nigeria was spending an incredible 1 billion dollars every year on clinical the travel industry abroad.

“That disclosure is a token of the critical need to prepare assets towards redesigning our wellbeing framework at home so as to deliver clinical the travel industry practically superfluous. The time has come to re-establish trust in our own wellbeing framework. This must be accomplished by satisfactory speculation and financing.”

Mohammed spoke to strategy producers to sufficiently finance explores in immunizations and different medications on account of the vulnerabilities and difficulties like the coronavirus.

As at Sunday, April 26, somewhere in the range of 3 million affirmed instances of COVID-19 have been recorded comprehensively with around 900,000 recuperations.

Around 200,000 individuals have died because of the pandemic.

In Nigeria, 1,273 cases have been recorded across 32 states and the FCT, with 40 fatalities as at Monday, April 27.

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