Covid-19: De bruyne feels his family might have suffered from coronavirus

Manchester City playmaker, Kevin De Bruyne, has disclosed that his family may have contracted Coronavirus (COVID-19) while on lockdown in Manchester.

According to De Bruyne, himself, children, and wife, were sick for some days, but they all recovered before confirming whether the issues were related to COVID-19.

“At the beginning of the lockdown, my family was sick for eight or nine days,” De Bruyne told Sky Sports.

“It started with my little boy, then my older boy and then my wife, but I don’t know if we had [Coronavirus] or not.

“Luckily, we are out of it, and the last two or three weeks have been perfect, and we are finding a routine and everything, so we are okay.

“Well, the first two weeks were a bit weird because I don’t know what is going on.

“Then, I managed to get a treadmill. I was swimming a bit because I’m lucky to have a pool downstairs.

“I was doing a couple of lengths, but now mostly, I’m doing a run, and I would say every other day, I would choose between swimming and doing some exercise, so I am keeping fairly good for what we can on our own, I guess.”

De Bruyne is currently on self-isolation after the Premier League was suspended indefinitely due to the spread of Coronavirus

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