Court discovers Olisa Metuh guilty of first count in N400m misrepresentation trial

The Federal High Court in Abuja, on Tuesday, sentenced a previous National Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, Olisah Metuh, and his firm, Destra Investments Limited, of the first of the seven counts initiated as a detriment to them by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

The appointed authority decided that Metuh and his firm sensibly should have realized that the total of N400 million paid to them framed piece of the returns of the unlawful action of the ex-NSA since they had no type of a legally binding relationship with the ONSA.

As indicated by the appointed authority, Dasuki moved the cash to the litigants “in rupture of open trust”.

He expelled the conflict of the guard who contended that the litigants couldn’t be sentenced for the illegal tax avoidance offense on the grounds that Dasuki, who is as of now being indicted, had at this point to be indicted for the predicate offence of breach of trust and corruption.

The appointed authority stated, in opposition to the contention, “the predicate offense and the illegal tax avoidance offense are interwoven”.

“The achievement or disappointment of the predicate offense doesn’t decide the achievement or disappointments of the tax evasion offense,” the appointed authority included.

The defendant after the judgement was found guilty of the first count, the judges are looking into the evidences provided for the second count.

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